Fortunes of Tanglin Halt is a project that binds the community together.

It is presented in a form of an interactive tour map to generate interests and create exploration.

Using palm reading as a metaphor, this project binds the past, present and the future of Tanglin Halt.

Neil, Jia Qiang, Jasper, Zhi Wei, Edmund

This is a project that explores the connection between a city, bodies and memories of Tanglin Halt.

In "Fortunes of Tanglin Halt", the project aims to identify the different elements of a city through the means of exploration, identification and drawing connections.

It is a project that ties the 'bodies' and memories in Tanglin Halt together.

Using palm reading as a metaphor, this project also combines the past, present and the future of Tanglin Halt.

Having this vibrant community center on your head line indicates that you value relationships and you care about maintaining relationships with others. Building a community with racial harmony and social cohesion is important to you and you want to connect with the residents in your neighbourhood and nourish their lives.

The old food market on your head line indicates that you are a person who values your experiences in life and you often feel nostalgia when you think of your past. You have helped create the precious memories of many others and they are often reminded of the good times that they have enjoyed with you.

This vibrant secondary school on your head line shows that you are a person who values education and development of the human mind. Nurturing people of the next generation is of great pride and importance to you and you want to help create responsible citizens who can contribute to the betterment of society on the whole.

The open sports field on your head line shows that you have a practical mind and you know the importance of exercise and developing good health. The old façade of the sports facilities suggests that perhaps you have let your health stagnant for some time, but you do recognise its importance and want to hopefully regain a vibrant health in the near future.

The presence of the petrol station on your head line shows that you have a realistic and modern viewpoint towards society. You embrace new technology and new developments and recognise that such fuel is needed to drive the community to move forward and be more advanced in its ways.

Class carried out in the MRT train. Teacher shows passion while students show their interest and other passengers show their inquisitive side. Your heart line straight across the palm which shows you love children and willing to guide them, teach them and protect them. You long for a lovely family life.

9:25 morning peak hour, people are rush but in ordered. Your heart line is next to head line and so sometimes you feel anxious and worry too much when you are under pressure from a lot of people. But you control yourself well with high EQ and keep your calm.

10:25 morning, people are you on the way to work or school?

New building, new look. What will Tanglin Halt be in 10 years time?

New hostel in my town, more job opportunities for them in the future. Thing change as time goes by, the old building are taken by new businesses in Tanglin Halt.

si chap lau chu (Hokkien: 40 Storeys) will Chap lau chu transform to this too? Will this be the future of Tanglin Halt?

A usual scene in an earlier morning, which only occur in recent year, with the new housing estate.

The presence of the MDIS school at your intestines point shows that you clearly feel that knowledge is important and you want to ensure that knowledge is properly digested by people and used properly. Everything needs to pass through the digestive track and similarly, you know that accumulating knowledge is needed in everything and is crucial to the development and future of society. The stature of the family further shows that you think having good digestion of knowledge is key to ensuring the stability and happiness of your families.

A site that I used to hear the horn from the train. A familiar sound that will not be heard anymore again.

The changes – from the trademark chap lau to the modern day 20storey skyscrapers. Your life has significantly changed for the better, catching up with the times and yet, remnants of the past remains representing the importance of your roots.

The care corner symbolizes your constant enthusiasm in helping the people around you, placing them right at the core of your interests.

The early morning crowds signifies your ability to attract people of different backgrounds and purposes to you. You are the center of attraction for many people and that is living proof of your overflowing vitality and enthusiasm

The police post in the middle of your life line exemplifies an early sense of protection in your life, having stability and constant guidance from your early adulthood in your growth and development.

The places of worship have been a place of solace and serenity. Providing the people around you a sense of security and a place for spiritual enlightenment. Also, it has been a significant source of romance, telling the story of your romantic life and intertwining it with those of others.

What remains of the spine suggests that there has been great damage done to the spinal column, perhaps due to all the tribulations that you had to endure through your life. The spinal cord is still intact and that is more essential for your bodily functions, but with the column damaged, its about time to take a retirement and take a more relaxing stroll in your golden years.