Edmund Wee | Web Designer
Interactive Media

Our Eyes

‘Our Eyes’ is a video art of time-lapse colour transition. The transition switches back and forth between additive colours – RGB (Red, Green, Blue) to subtractive colours – CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black). RGB is the colour model for screens while CMYK is the colour model for printing.

The transition of the video piece is reflective of the ever-changing state between the physical and the virtual in today’s world.

our eyes

Exhibited at ‘ArtScience Revealed’ art exhibition, ArtScience Museum, Singapore, 5 May 2013.

Barking Dog

‘Barking Dog’ is an interactive origami installation that explores the connection between artificial life and reality. Here, a piece of origami paper is injected with ‘life’ and transformed into a moving dog that barks when users interact with it.

Untitled Document