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invisible stickers

Invisible Stickers

Invisible Stickers is an open book travelogue contributed by travellers, nomads and backpackers.

Using geolocation feature, travellers can access travel information contributed by others who have came before and left.

Travelling is all about the journey. Here, travellers can share and make new discovery.

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Revisiting the New Journey to the West: ESPACE 3356

"Revisiting the New Journey to the West: ESPACE 3356" is a work by Singaporean artist, Koh Nguang How for "Who's Looking: Surf & Turf" art exhibition at CCA (Centre for Contemporary Art Singapore).

Presenting a map of France with photos and texts on the 1993 art project "The New Journey to the West: ESPACE 3356" from the Singapore Art Archive Project at CCA Residency Studio.

The 1993 art project was a travelling in France and exhibitions in Singapore based on the travel experiences of four Singaporean artists (Han Sai Por, S. Chandrasekaran, Vincent Leow and Koh Nguang How) and one French artist (Gilles Massot).

Artist: Koh Nguang How

Web Developer: Edmund Wee

who's looking art exhibition

Who's Looking Art Exhibition Website

Developed "Who's Looking" art exhibition official website.

Project Co-ordinator: Melvin Tan

Visual Designer: Darius Ou

Web Developer: Edmund Wee

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fortunes of tanglin halt

Fortunes of Tanglin Halt

"Fortunes of Tanglin Halt" is a web project about Tanglin Halt, a town in Singapore that is undergoing development where new changes are set to replace the old.

Using palm reading as a metaphor, this project is presented in the form of an interactive map where location markers are plotted on Google Map. It presents the past, present and the future of Tanglin Halt.

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A collaboration to design and develop Uyii's online store.

Project Coordinator: Danielle Koh

Visual Designer: Nicole Yap

Web Developer: Edmund Wee

a craft initiative

A Craft Initiative

A web design collaboration to design and develop A Craft Initiative official website.

Visual Designer: Melvin Tan

Web Developer: Edmund Wee

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